“From synovial TMJ to headaches and facial pain. Pediatrics and adolescent.”


Among the lecturers our mentor professor Mariano Rocabado and for the first time dr German Ramirez-Yanez and dr Roberto Gutierrez.


The conference will be dedicated to cranio-vertebral disorders (TMJ ) in kids, adolescence and adults treatment.


In 2018 we organized the first conference with professor Mariano Rocabado and many more specialists from Poland, where each of them spoke how they treat in their own way synovial temporo-mandibular joint. On the conference we have guested orthodontists, maxilla-facial surgeon, prosthodontist, dentist, speech therapist and physical therapists.


Who knows us, knows that we support TMJ treatment and this is our specialization for many years. Professor Mariano Rocabado from Chile become our mentor. We base our work on his 50 years experience and in this field we want to share that with all of you.


prof. Mariano Rocabado is the doctor of physical therapy and professor of orthodontics. We are very grateful to have that opportunity to learn from him and from his coworker who is the dentist dr Roberto Gutierrez. Actually we are writing this description in Chile while having the course with both of them again in Santiago de Chile.


Dr Roberto Gutierrez and his team cooperates very strictly with professor Mariano Rocabado and they support  his team treatments with proper splint therapy and stable occlusion after the finished treatment. This is the unmistakable opportunity to hear them both without flying to Chile.


Dr German Ramirez-Yanez is our another foreign guest who treats the kids and he supports their development regarding TMJ, airways and sleep disorders. This will be his first visit in Poland. More You can read about him on his website www.kidsmalocclusions.com


Poza wykładami trzech zagranicznych gości z Chile i Kanady, wysłuchają Państwo wykładu  pasjonaty anatomii, chirurga szczękowo-twarzowego  Michała Szałwińskiego, który będzie pełnił funkcję kierownika naukowego.


Besides all those foreign guests from Chile and Canada, you will have the great opportunity to listen to the passionate person about human anatomy, maxilla-surgeon dr Michał Szałwiński, who will be also the science leader on this event.


Dr Michał Szałwiński – Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw where in 1999 he received a Diploma in Dentistry, and in 2001, his Medical Doctor’s degree. Specialises in maxillofacial surgery. Graduated from postgraduate studies in Medical Law, Bioethics and Sociology of Medicine at the University of Warsaw. In 2009, he received his title as Doctor of Medical Sciences with distinction. He is active in dental implantology. In 2000–2011, he worked as an Assistant; Assistant Professor at the Clinic of Cranio-Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery and Implantology of the Dentistry Institute of the Medical University of Warsaw, whereas in 2010–2011 he worked as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Fundamental Technology Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since 2001, he has been working as an Assistant and Assistant Professor at the Department of Descriptive and Clinical Anatomy of the Centre of Biostructure at the Medical University of Warsaw, and since 2001 he has been the Senior Assistant at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. Co-organiser of an International Congress of Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology in Krakow in 2001. Member of the Polish Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Polish Association of Dental Implantology (OSIS), European Orthodontic Society (EOS), European Association for Cranio- Maxillo-Facial Surgery (EACMFS). He runs his own dental practice since 2001.


Beata Kaczmarek, Łukasz Kaczmarek– fizjoterapeuci stomatologiczni od wielu lat zgłębiający wiedzę dotyczącą współpracy z lekarzami leczącymi staw skroniowo- żuchwowy oraz innymi specjalistami takimi jak protetycy czy ortodonci. Od wielu lat ściśle współpracujący również z logopedami, którzy czynnościowo wspomagają leczenie ortodontyczne i stomatologiczne. Uczniowie profesora Mariano Rocabado, przedstawiciele Instytutu Rocabado w Polsce. Pasjonaci swojej pracy.


Beata and Łukasz Kaczmarek – dental physical therapists who for many years try to explore the knowledge regarding cooperation between the doctors who treat TMJ and with other specialists like prosthodontists and also speech therapists who work with tongue function. The students of professor Mariano Rocabado, the representatives of The Intsitute Rocabado in Poland.


This is the honour to speak among such a great specialists!


Become a part of that event !!!

DATE:  12-13.06.2021, Warsaw, Poland